Concerning FV Survivor Pod Boundaries

”There’s no right answer to the wrong question.”

— Ursula K. le Guin

When we posted our first announcement, we explained our goal: To amplify the voices of the women harmed by the Author and keep them safe in the process. Everything we do is planned with this goal in mind. To assuage some confusion, we would like to be clear in reiterating that none of our goals or plans depend in any way on the Author having his own pod or accountability process.

  • Accountability pod members must be identified in public and provide background for their participation similar to the bios our members published.
  • All accountability pod members must clearly demonstrate a commitment to engaging within a TJ framework and to learning skills in TJ, as well as learning about abuse from credible sources. This is part of building a safer community: we pass these skills around, building capacity and resilience.
  • The accountability pod must involve at least one member, trainer or consultant with experience in TJ.
  • All the pod members must acknowledge, at a minimum, that the Author has caused harm.



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The Polyamory #MeToo Survivors

The Polyamory #MeToo Survivors


Formerly Survivor Support. We are a group of women and non-binary people who have experienced relational harm from a well-known polyamory author.