An open letter to individuals harmed by CG

We are posting this message on behalf of a survivor of CG. This survivor has experienced harm in CG’s accountability process and wishes to connect with others who have been harmed by CG. Their intention is to create a network of mutual support, share information, attempt to understand the full scope of the collective harm outside the interpretive lens of CG’s pod and, if necessary, make collective asks and create a collective voice. The survivor has no particular plans at this time apart from connecting with others; any specific actions will be decided by those who decide to connect. This effort is independent of CG’s process, and you may connect whether or not you have already been (or plan to be) part of CG’s process, or received restitution or other accountability from CG or his pod.

Anyone wishing to be put in touch with this survivor may email us at Your email will be forwarded and then deleted, unless you provide other instructions.

CG announced a public accountability process in June 2019 to address abuse of a former partner and resultant harm to his communities. It is our understanding that the process has since expanded and includes harm to a number of other people. CG has an accountability pod, but there is no survivor pod, nor has there been an attempt to connect survivors with each other.

We support the effort of this survivor to find others because we have observed, both in CG’s pod’s public materials and through this survivor, harmful patterns* in CG’s process that resemble some harmful patterns established in the early part of our process. These patterns were only disrupted once we were able to come together as a group and communicate directly with each other. We believe this direct communication and solidarity among survivors is indispensable to any accountability process in which there are multiple survivors, and that facilitating it should be a central priority of any pods or other helpers.

We also request that CG and his pod support this effort by sharing this request on their social media and Medium platforms and by sending the link directly to survivors who have already connected with his process. We will share this post directly with them as a comment on their Medium account, and we ask that if they want to communicate with us, they do so directly using public comments on this post. If we receive private messages from them, we will repost them as comments and reply to them here.

In solidarity,

Eve, Rose, Melanie, Celeste, Marissa, Lisa, Joanna, Elaine, Amber, Lauren and Paula

*We have provided a list of these harmful patterns we have seen in a comment on this post, in order to keep the focus of this post on the goal of bringing survivors together.

Formerly Survivor Support. We are a group of women and non-binary people who have experienced relational harm from a well-known polyamory author.